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You can drive for years and never have an accident, so what do you do if you suddenly find that you have been involved in a motor accident? It is very easy to completely forget what to do, so we have put together a few handy tips to help.

Feel free to print off and keep in your car with your insurance information, or save on your phone, just in case, and don’t forget to tell your family what to do if they also drive!

  1. STAY CALM! Panicking helps no one so take a few deep breaths and don’t let the other driver rush you into getting out. But have your wits about you, and be ready to note the other vehicles registration just in case they decide to drive off!
  2. Pull in to a safe spot if the vehicle can still be driven
  3. See if anyone is injured. If they are call for an ambulance and the Police.
  4. Get the other vehicle’s registration number. Even if the accident was your fault, just take a quick note (or picture) of the other vehicle’s registration plates as you will be asked for the information at some point.
  5. Take pictures of the damage to your car and (if possible) damage to the other car, its only takes a few seconds on your phone. Try to include the registration number in at least one of the pictures and a few pictures of the accident site might also be useful to give insurers a clear picture of what happened. However, if the other driver is being aggressive or trying to argue, do not push the point, insurers will understand. Pictures can often help you recall information that you may be asked for at a later time.
  6. Exchange Insurance Information. Remember, it is a criminal offence to refuse to give your information in the event of an accident, so if the other driver won’t let you have it, or they haven’t got their details, do not enter into an argument, make sure you have the vehicle details and their name, contact number and address. If you feel threatened at any time, remember you can call the police.
  7. Notify Insurers ASAP. Make sure you call either your actual insurance company or your insurance broker as soon as you can after the accident has happened. You may need to fill in a form or provide the details over the phone, but it is important to give them the heads up as soon as possible so they can ‘fend off’ any third party claims they may receive.


A few other things to remember:

  • DO NOT admit fault at the accident site, even if you think it is your fault. Doing so can actually cause a claim to be rejected so just stay away from discussing blame altogether.
  • DO NOT enter into arguments with a third party – either refer them to your insurance company or insurance broker or just call the police
  • If a third party looks like they may be very angry or aggressive before you’ve even spoken, call the police before you get out of the car.


And finally, why not consider an in car camera? They start from under £50 and could quite possibly be the proof you need if the other party insists the accident was your fault when you know it wasn’t!

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