Or should you bother with insurance for your business at all?

If you have invested in your business, be that time, money, intellectual property, sweat and maybe some tears, along with the effort of your employees, then you will want to protect that investment, and insurance can provide a great deal of protection if arranged properly.

Let’s assume you’ve decided you need insurance for your business. Where do you start? At IFM Select we have been arranging insurance for 25 years and understand that insurance is a cost that comes straight off the bottom line. You hope you never have to use it and you certainly don’t want it to cost more than it needs to.

So why not just get on the internet, pop a few details in, look for the best price, click ‘buy’ and relax? It couldn’t be easier!

It’s possible that some would do it that way, but most business owners would prefer to make sure that if they are spending money on insurance, then they need to be properly insured but at the best possible price, with the right company that understands their business and have produced insurance policies that will respond to the requirements of their business when called upon to do so.

You’re unlikely to prepare your own accounts or do you own legal work, so why risk your business by arranging your own insurance? Is dealing with a ‘direct’ insurer over the phone really going to give you the independent advice your business really needs? What if you have a question part way through the year, or need to get additional advice on specific cover you need to meet a contract requirement?

Your business is possibly the most financially important thing to you, so it’s vital you protect it properly and seek professional advice on how to do that. But why does it make sense to use a local Chartered insurance broker? These are some of the benefits:

 Independent local advice;

 Knowledgeable people with real expertise;

 Service levels that match your requirements;

 Help if you have a claim, providing peace of mind;

 It can actually save you time as they will do the price comparison for you;

 Quotes are usually completely free of charge and without obligation, and ongoing advice through the year is usually free of charge;

 The broker works for you, their client, and has a real interest in delivering the product and service that meets your needs;

 With a large range of insurers available to a broker, many who only deal with brokers, you may well find that along with great service, you get a great price too!

If you want to see what difference it makes dealing with a Chartered Insurance broker, then just give IFM Select a call. You will speak to someone genuinely interested in giving you the best possible advice for your business. You can find us at 0115 981 0284.

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