Faith, Charities & Not for Profit

Faith, Charities & Not for Profit

We recognise that not for profit organisations can come in all shapes and sizes amd can include some of the following:

  • Church Insurance
  • Synagogue Insurance
  • Chapel Insurance
  • Nursing Home Insurance
  • Hospice Insurance
  • Trust Insurance
  • Club Insurance
  • Youth Zone Insurance
  • Community Centre Insurance
  • Centre Insurance
  • Society Insurance
  • Association Insurance
  • Project Insurance
  • Animal Rescue / Sanctuary Insurance
  • Charitable Fund Insurance
  • Theatre Insurance
  • Village Hall Insurance
  • Heritage Centre Insurance
  • Museum Insurance
  • Theatre Insurance
  • Hall Insurance
  • Library Insurance

At IFM Select we have a solution to your insurance needs regardless of your size. Whether you are a charity, volunteer organisation or a not for profit business then we can help.

Do you need to consider extending your policy to include cover for a claim against any trustee, property, reputation, or business interruption, or possibly the increasing problems presented by cyber risks?

With there being numerous areas of regulation that trustees have to comply with there is always the chance that a mistake can be made. Trustee insurance can cover the personal trustee liability and the liability of officers, employees or voluntary workers arising from errors or omissions they may make in the management and administration of the organisation.

If you wish to discuss how we can assist in providing an insurance solution that fits with your organisations needs then please contact us, we will be very happy to help.

IFM select have really taken the time to understand not only our needs but also the charity sector and the specific field in which we operate. This ensures that our cover matches the requirements of the business. We couldn’t ask for more from Robert Burton our broker who always presents a range of good options and delivers great value for money, very efficient service and end to end support.

CEO - Social Welfare Charity